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Welcome to – Tattoo Temple – Training Academy.

Our Tattoo Courses are designed to teach the Serious Learner & to promote this Art Form.


We provide Holistic Training that centers around Sterilization & Quality of Artwork. We Train you to be an Expert Tattoo Artist & also make a Successful Career at the same time.

Max was a Starter, with his own distinct art style, but very little technical know how of Tattooing

Max was a Starter, with his own distinct art style, but very little technical know how of Tattooing

The Driving Force behind this Initiative is Vigneshkumar Shiva who after completing his Basic Course in Pune (Sabby’s Tattoo Studio) travelled to Bangkok to Learn & Work there as part of his Advanced Training.


He has also Trained under Masters like Andrea Afferni from Italy (Specialising in Color Realism) & Anil Gupta based out of New York City (Specializing in Black & Grey Portraits) apart from Reading books / Watching Videos by Masters like Guy Aitchison, Nikko Hurtado & Joe Capobianco amongst others.

Vigneshkumar Believes that Tattooing is an Art Form requiring Specialization &there is No End to the Learning & Improvisations. 

Tattoo Temple tries to make a Person a Tattoo Artist who Respects the Art Form & is committed to Learn & Spread the Knowledge she/he has Acquired.

Browse through our Curriculum Section below, to get more details on our Courses &Services.

Specific Requests are welcome via email at

Wish You All the Best in your Journey !!!

Our Student Accepting the Best Amateur Tattoo Artist Certficate during the International Tattoo Convention in Mumbai  2014

Professional Tattoo Training -Course Curriculum-

This course offers our students all the knowledge & tools related to Professional Tattooing. Structured with a step by step practical approach it is best suited for beginners. You will be trained by a Tattoo Artist with 13+ years of experience at our Tattoo Training Academy in Goa.

By the end of this course, our students will have enough tattoos done to build a portfolio.

Chapters we will cover in this course are below:

  • History of Tattooing ; Present Day Industry ; Future Possibilities.
  • Intro to Different Tattoo Art Styles & Masters of the Trade.
  • Intro to Tools of the Trade.
  • Tattoo Machine Basic Knowledge – Machine Construction & Adjustment.
  • Needle Configurations & Best Practices.
  • The Tattooing Process – In depth knowledge on how a Professional Tattoo is Executed.
  • Sterilization, Aseptic Techniques / Procedures.
  • After care Instructions.
  • Drawing Fundamentals.
  • Color Fundamentals
  • Color Mixing
  • Outlining Technique.
  • Shading Technique.
  • Color Packing Technique.
  • Realism Techniques
  • Training on Appropriate Consultation
  • Photoshop Basics for Image Editing
  • Digital Painting for Tattoo Artists
  • Portfolio Presentation & Extension
  • Marketing Basics
  • Financial Accounts Management
  • Inventory Management.
  • Lifestyle Basics & Exercises to help avoid issues while working long hours.

Salient Points

  • Course Fees - ₹ 3,00,000 - (EMI option of 3 to 12 months Available)

  • Course Duration - 200 hours of Instruction + 200 hours Practice 

  • Certificate Issued after Course Completion.

  • Students under 18 years need Parents’ Permission.

  • Passion for Tattoo and Art is a Must.

  • National and International Students Accommodated.

Course Inclusions

  • Free Accommodation in Goa- (Cost of stay is included in Course fees)

  • A Free Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo worth ₹2,00,000 from your Instructor.

  • Digital portfolio of the Tattoos you have done.

  • Guidance & Feedback Post Course Completion

  • Digital Tattoo Design Collection

Max spent a couple of days at our studio in Vashi, to understand our Tattooing & shop management skills.

Max spent a couple of days at our studio in Navi Mumbai, to understand our Tattooing & shop management skills.

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save ​₹ 1,00,000

Advanced Tattoo Training Course Curriculum

The Course is Custom Designed keeping the Artist’s skill level in mind.

This course will help you  Resolve Technique Problems during practice and solve them with our Professional Tattoo Artist. By the end of the course students will have done enough tattoos to extend their portfolio.

The Artist can choose from the following Topics or club them together as per their individual requirements. 

EMI option Available on all Courses

  • Complete Advanced Tattoo Course A comprehensive course custom designed as per your current abilities. Covers All the below mentioned topics -(Minimum 100 hours of Instruction, Fees -₹1,00,000)

  • Dynamic Tattoo Design Principles Using Muscle Flow to design -(Minimum 15 hours of Instruction, Fees -₹15,000)

  • Smooth Shading & Texture Techniques - (Minimum 10 hours of Instruction, Fees -₹10,000)

  • Color Tattoo Techniques - (Minimum 15 hours of Instruction, Fees -₹15,000)

  • Portrait Techniques (Human & Animal Portrait) - (Minimum 15 hours of Instruction, Fees -₹15,000)

  • Digital Designing & Stenciling of Tattoo Art - PhotoShop - (Minimum 5 hours of Instruction, Fees -₹5,000) 

  • Realistic Tattoo Techniques - (Minimum 25 hours of Instruction, Fees -₹25,000)

  • Tattoo Design on i Pad for Tattoo Artists (Minimum 10 hours of Instruction, Fees -₹10,000) 

  • Studio Management - (Client, Marketing, Finances, Inventory Management) (Minimum 15 hours , Fees -₹15,000)  

Advanced Tattoo Training Course Requirements

  • Tattoo Art Work (Portfolio)

  • Passion for Tattoo and Art.

  • Website or Facebook address (If active)

  • Students under 18 years need Parents’ Permission.

Nurture Your Distinct Art Style

Nurture your Distinct Art Style, Get Technical Know How of Tattooing & Build a Successful Career in Tattoo Art

Build a Successful Career in Tattoo Art

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