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Consultation form

pleaser read and Fill out the form below to start your consultation process.

we look forward to answering all questions you may have.
Main Subject of Tattoo -
Where on your body do you want the Tattoo ?
do you want the tattoo in Colour or
Black & Grey
Tattoo Size -
Small (Under 6") ; Medium (6" to 20") ; Large (Above 20")
Do you have other Tattoos? 
Do you have any Health / Skin conditions that affect the Tattoo ?
Do you have a preferred style in mind ?
Are you willing to let the artist make creative choices with your design?
How did you get to know about us ?
budget in mind for the project ?
describe Your pain tolerance
upload any reference images you have
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Customer Declaration: 

I Understand & Agree -

  • I am not under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs, am not mentally impaired & am getting the Tattoo voluntarily.

  • I do not have any medical or skin conditions that may interfere with the Tattooing /Piercing Procedure.

  • I am not a recipient of an organ or bone marrow transplant, I am not Pregnant or Nursing(N/A for Piercings)

  • Neither the Artist nor Studio is responsible for the spelling or meaning of the Tattoo.

  • The Tattoo is a Permanent change to the appearance of my body & can only be removed by Laser or Surgical methods.

  • Variation in color & design may exist between the tattoo art & the actual tattoo when applied to the body.

  • To follow the Aftercare Procedure explained by the Artist/Studio.

  • Over time the tattoo will fade, due to unprotected exposure to the sun & natural dispersion of pigment under the skin.

  • Any touch up required will be done at my own expense.

  • To release all rights to photographs taken of me & the Tattoo.

  • To Waive & Release to the full extent of the law, the Artist & Studio of all liabilities whatsoever.

  • The Advance Payment is Non Refundable.

  • I have been given full opportunity to ask questions & they have been answered to my satisfaction.

  • I have been given adequate time to read & understand this document & am signing a legal contract waiving certain rights to recover against the Artist & Tattoo Studio.

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